The Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program is tailored for “high flyers” working in services and industries.
It is a 16 -18 months’ modular program which enables  executives to earn an Executive MBA while pursuing full time work. The program is targeted towards: 

  • Young executives from varied cultural, academic and professional backgrounds who are ambitious and have the potential and desire to work towards a successful management career.
  • Companies wishing to bring their young managers to the skill levels of top leaders while working on their company’s project.


One of the roles of business schools throughout the world is to provide their surrounding economy with managers who know how to add value to their company’s projects. To do so, business schools need to listen to and even anticipate the needs of businesses and translate them into skills and competencies taught in their revolving program.

Over the last two decades, the exponential growth of globalization has brought about the need to produce and sell in networks, think in multicultural terms, be global and act local and set up international projects. This new economic setting makes fundamental management skills more crucial. A proficient command of management skills, an ability to work with partners from new horizons and an understanding of the cultural aspects of markets are assets when it comes to winning contracts, delivering products and services and setting up research and development projects.

With their expertise in teaching and research, their decades of experience in business teaching, HEC Liège Executive Education, Management School of the University Liège is well equipped to deliver an EMBA centered on the needs of businesses, whether local or international, large or small, and within European or on a worldwide scope. 


EMBA Program of HEC Liège Executive Education, Management School (ULiège) is a modular program consisting of 13 modules and the i-Business Game in a period of 16 – 18 months.

The program includes goal-specific objectives aimed at:

  • Establishing basic managerial skills related to the main functions of the business
  • Develop strategic skills and ethical thinking
  • Acquiring strategic intelligence and provides participants real-life case studies from the entrepreneurial world
  • Technology enabled learning tools to accelerate the learning process with the best expertise. 

The program consists of the following 13 modules and i-Business Game.

Thesis is replaced with  practical business simulation –  The i-Business Game

i-Business Game Objective

The i-Business Game simulates the reactions of one or several markets where you are in competition with similar companies

The simulation model evaluates the global market and the market shares, taking into account:

  • The economic environment
  • Your own decisions
  • The decisions of your competitors
  • Several rules and events recorded in a “scenario”

Learning Outcome

After this seminar, students should be able:

  • High order leadership
  • problem solving skills
  • the capacity for innovation in new markets, and technologically complex and multidimensional contexts


100% International Professors

One of the most attractive features of The HEC Liège Executive Education, Management School (University of Liège) EMBA Program is the diverse composition of our faculty members. At the EMBA Program, faculty from around the world share their experiences and grow from the experiences of others; students learn to maximize their performance as not only an individual, but also as a valuable team member.



Dr. Charlie C. Chen, USA

Subject: Project Management, MIS (Big Data)
Education: PhD, Management Information Systems, Claremont Graduate University, USA
Professor, Department of CIS & Supply Chain Management, Appalachian State University, USA
Research Expertise:
Management Information Systems, Supply Chain Management, Business Analytic,, Project Management


Dr. Wilfried Niessen, Belgium

Subject: i-Business Game Project
Education: MA in Business and Finance
Dean of HEC Liege, Management School of University of Liege
Research Expertise: Business Simulation, IT for Management and Start-Up Finance for Non-Finance Managers




Professor Jim Link, USA

Subject: Human Resources Management
Education: MA of Art, Murray State University, USA
Chief Human Resources Officer at Randstad America, General Manager for Human Resources at Porsche, Director for Human Resources at Pillsbury Company
Research Expertise:
Human Resources Management



Dr. Edward Lin, Taiwan

Subject: Project Management
Education: PhD. in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Iowa, USA
Associate Dean, University of New Brunswick, Canada
Dean,  National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan
Research Expertise:
CSR, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Consulting and Communication Techniques,, Business Statistics, International Economic and Trade Analysis



Dr. Felix Ter Chian Tan, Australia

Subject: Digital Brand Marketing
Education: PhD. in Management Information Systems, Queensland Univ of Tech, Australia
Senior Lecturer & Researcher at University of New South Wales, Australia
Guest Lecturer at SAP University Alliance (Asia Pacific)
Research Expertise:
Digital Platforms, Business Ecosystem, E-Commerce 


Dr. Arison Woo, Hong Kong

Subject: Finance, Intro to Finance and Accounting
Education: DBA, University of New Castle, Australia
Program leader of Accounting Programs of Associate in Business, Hong Kong Community College, Senior Lecturer Hong Kong Polytechnic University, CPA Hong Kong/ Australia
Research Expertise:
Auditing and Taxation, Management Accounting, Business Law 




Dr. Juan M. Gallego, USA

Subject: Strategic Marketing Management
Education: PhD in Organization Consulting, University of the Rockies, Colorado Springs. Master in International Management and Human Resources.
Sale Marketing Strategy at Nokia from 1994 – 2010
Consultant at El Toro Aburrido LLC
Research Expertise: Marketing, International Marketing 



Dr. Ellen Rouyer, France

Subject: International Business
Education: PhD in Business Management, Feng Chia University, Taiwan
Experience Lecturer in International Business, Marketing, and Corporate Management
Research Expertise: International Business, Corporate Management, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) 



Dr. William Vocke, USA

Subject: Sustainable Strategy, Global Economics and Governance
Education: PhD. in International Affairs, University of South Carolina, USA
Professor, National Chengche University, Taiwan
Fulbright Scholarly Exchange, Taiwan
Research Expertise:
Ethics, Foreign Policy and International Relations Public Diplomacy, Business Negotiation 



Dr. Sonic Wu, Taiwan

Subject: Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Education: PhD. in Business Administration, National Taiwan University
Analyst Color Imaging Industry Promotion Office
Assistance Engineer, IPack
Research Expertise:
Business Model Analysis, Industry Analysis, Strategy Management